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The King’s Demonetisation Order

There was a country where the  rich people had stored lots of water in huge tanks. 

The poor people of the country had to buy water at a very high price which kept them poor.The rich were getting richer and the poor were getting poorer. The rich never informed the king that they had so much of water. But the king suspected that these people were lying. He requested them to declare the truth and release some water for the poor but they kept saying that they did not have extra water with them.

So one day the king requested the Sun God to evaporate all the water and requested the Rain God to create a new stream of clean water. All of a sudden, in the homes of the rich, the huge tanks of water evaporated due to surgical strikes by the Sun God.

The rich people found themselves losing their wealth and power as they stood helplessly under attack of the Sun God.

Now the king opened a new tap built by the Rain God. This water flowed through pipes that went through the city. The poor could now receive water from these pipes at a lower cost. The water pipe also provide water to the rich but in regulated quantities ensuring that they no longer hoard water. The cost of water overall came down and the large number of poor people saved more money and walked on the path to prosperity.Thus the King ensured that not just a few but everyone prospered.But for this, surgical strike on the water hoarders was a must and could not be avoided.

Hope now you have got an idea why our PM Narendra Modi had to demonetise RS 1000 and RS 500 and how it will eventually help all Indians.

Cash is not king. Work hard, earn well, pay your taxes, invest in economy. To invest in the economy, invest in mutual funds.

Dharmendra Satapathy at NextLevel-Education