Why is Marketing Misunderstood

Why is Marketing Misunderstood

Marketing is nothing but product communication through a “fun” or “entertaining” lens

Now the challenge is that hardworking students of marketing feel a kind of loyalty towards numbers and math and somewhere deep down believe that “fun” isn’t meant for good people.

What most people don’t realise is that communication only works when you focus on the likes and interest of the listener.

And it just takes little to realise that most people are easily drawn towards “fun” and “entertainment”.

Therefore a good marketer should dress up the brand appear as a “entertainer” or “performer”. This is popularly known as brand building.

Some categories by virtue of their form are more “fun” than others.

For example

1) Sports

2) Music

3) Bollywood and movies

4) Travel

It is easy to market the above categories because “fun” is an integral part of their soul.

The birth of advertising lies in this philosophy and smart brands have used advertising to good effect.

Categories like cars, clothes, soft drinks, cigarettes, alcohol, cosmetics have made their advertisement entertaining and thereby added the element of “fun” into their personalities.

This is the only formula for marketing. And hard working students need to understand that one has to work harder to manufacture “fun”.

Albert Einstein famously said, “Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts”.

Hence love your math and numbers only to that extent and embrace creativity thereafter.

Categories like mutual funds have a long way to go on this path and as an individual I have been trying my best through my contributions.

If your clients like the images which have “fun” as their key ingredient do not be surprised.

People love those things and importantly those people that make them smile.

“Fun” and “Fear” are the only two ways to ensure engagement and learning.

And clearly between the two ‘fun’ is healthier.

Educating clients is our vision but doing it in an entertaining manner should be our mission.

So as marketers, we are artists & entertainers but we also educate as a consequence

I rest my case.


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