Why People Don’t Make Money In Equities

Why People Don’t Make Money In Equities

I would sometimes wonder as to why people have not made money from Mutual Funds. I had my answer  after Narendra Modi announced Demonetisation.

All and sundry; young and old, rich and poor have declared Demonetisation a failure upon the notion that they have seen no improvement on the ground. It has been just one month and I wonder what our people were expecting to see in a month.

Demonetisation is an “EQUITY” move and hence we must have the patience to see it work. If tough decisions were so easy, then why would people hesitate to take them? Touch decisions are tough. Period. They are tough because they cause pain to many. They are tough because they do not provide instant gratification. Tough decisions are tough because each one of us has to sacrifice something or the other.

Hence nobody in the past took tough decisions because one needs to be tough to take tough decisions.

Instead of demonising the Prime Minister, give some “time” to Demonetising.

Updated (24 March 2017) – Now that the immediate “ill-effects” of Demonetisation are over, what so-called “harm” has been done? The economy is thriving, regardless of the nay-saying articles in Media. India’s stock has risen higher in the global arena; nowhere in our past history have we been so respected as a positive economy, and a highly positive, hard-working nation. Corruption is down; hope is up; prospects of growth have never been higher. The country is not lead by Media or by Paid Political Analysts. The country is run through “realpolitik”. In this, only performance is what matters. The rest is all nonsense that clutters airwaves and eventually our brains. So, think for the long term and take part in your nation’s growth. Invest in its Economy. Invest in your Future; and, always, use a Professional Financial Advisor to guide you.

Dharmendra Satapathy at NextLevel-Education

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