Empowering Women – A Belief


Women are the pillars of our society.They are like glue that holds the family together. They make sacrifices to look after their children. As children grow up, they also grow independent. They no longer want to be mothered all the time.


Life goals change for the spouses too.They get involved in larger goals pertaining to business and career.This happens around the age of 40 when women start feeling left out.With another 40 years of life ahead, such state of mind is a huge social problem.These are times when compatibility with spouses becomes fragile unless attended to.For the woman, it is like some dark corridor where she gets lost.These are women who are educated and articulate.Still they lose themselves.Nobody seems to notice their predicament.This is a social problem that people turn a blind eye to.


One way of helping these souls discover themselves is to present professional opportunities to them at a time when the corporate world seems to have left them behind.Who can help?I certainly feel an entrepreneur is well poised to help.For the entrepreneur it is a win win situation.He or she has limited bandwidth and these women can certainly with some training provide the requisite bandwidth.More than money, they need recognition.They need to discover themselves.They need to believe in themselves.


We at Next Level Education believe we can help them.Hence we have launched a programme which entails educating and training them to become financial advisor”s.We believe they will make the best financial advisors because they are financially secured, they are educated, they are smart, they have network and moreover if we can help them a little they will discover that they are nothing less than star performers.This has been our belief and we have embarked on this journey.

The training program for women who wish to re-kindle their spirits and get back into action mode has been designed to make them into astute professionals by providing them with end to end training:-


  1. NISM VA test training and guidance to help clear the exam
  2. Product training, learning only what’s needed
  3. Soft skills for client engagement and satisfaction
  4. Operational Execution
  5. Low cost and simple brand building methods to grow and sustain their business
  6. To serve the best needs of your clients efficiently and effectively
  7. To add more intellect in your business skills
  8. To grow and expand your client base