Women and FP

Women and FP

Both women & men need to be sufficiently financially literate. Women’s needs are even higher, because they:

  • Typically have fewer financial resources than men
  • Lower labour market participation
  • Lowe earnings
  • Discontinued careers due to caring activities
  • Longer life span than men

The need for women financial education is to manage her resources well and for longer periods. This helps improve her access to economic opportunities. And further avoids putting her in a poverty situation in her old-age.

The general attitudes we come across in women which helps them achieve better financial literacy are as follows:

  • Women are aware & are ready to accept that they lack financial knowledge
  • Men are over confident in their financial skills
  • Women and more risk-averse then women.

Major concerns we address during women financial education & literacy programs are:

  • Ensuring that women financial knowledge is enhanced
  • Women gain higher confidence in their financial knowledge
  • We develop skills for women to handle complex financial issues

Our programmes vary depending upon the circumstances & needs of women groups

  • Target women groups include: young/girls; elderly/widows, low-income/unemployed, financially excluded, victims of violence, marginalised communities, Women MSMEs
  • Topics covered: financial products awareness, day-to-day financial management, borrowing, long-term financial planning, consumer rights
  • Rural/urban strata
  • Combined training on entrepreneurship, business skills, health relates issues, access to formal financial products, etc

Our Focus:

  • Developing Women Groups – Increasing financial inclusion & improving the use of formal saving products; supporting women entreprenurship
  • Developed Women Groups – Supporting women in planning their retirement, avoiding over-indebtedness

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