The world will conspire to keep India ticking

If India were to be nuked, if the population were to shrink and if things were to fall apart, remember a market would disappear ; a market that is important to brands and nations of the world ; brands ranging from Google, to Apple, to Samsung, to Oppo, to Vivo, to Microsoft, to Vodafone etc etc.

If Indians would be adversely affected so would be this huge lucrative market, so would be the market shares of many multi nationals, so would be their share prices, so would be the jobs of many foreigners, so would be the GDP of many economies.

Many countries have lost their young population to old age and are dependent on tourism for survival.India is today providing this stream of tourists to quench such parched economies. India, today provides young workers to keep these economies ticking. This situation ain’t gonna get any better in the years to come. Dependance on the Indian market will only increase.

Demographics have a huge impact on the lives of people. The rich prosper because the poor need to live. Always remember Lifebuoy is bigger than Dove. Unilever is bigger in India than elsewhere.

Without a large and deep market, people would revert to basics like food, clothing and shelter because there won’t be any opportunity left for scaling up production which is most needed to make “value added products” like mobile phones, cars, planes, trains etc etc.

A young and developing nation is an oasis for a greying world. The world will conspire to keep India ticking.

Invest in India. Now is the time.

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