Young Turks

A couple of months back during the MFRT event in Mumbai we had asked the IFAs whether they wished their children would inherit and take their business forward.


A whopping 89% of the respondents mentioned that they would certainly want their legal heirs to continue the same business. This speaks not only speaks of their conviction but also their vision for the IFA business.


You must watch a these 4 videos of 3-5 minutes duration each.


The Generation Next speaks about why they got motivated to join the business of Financial Advisory. This is an extract from the recent 125th monthly meeting of Ask Circle at Kolkata on 27th Oct 2017.


Parents of these young turks are veterans of the Financial Advisory industry.


Kanak Kr Jain

Mentor Ask Circle MFRT

Author, Trainer and Wealth Coach

Abhishek Mohta

Anandita Pramanik

Pawan Agarwal

Shradha Mohta