Your Mask Is Your Intention

Your Mask Is Your Intention
It is getting clearer by the day that a mask will help to prevent the disease from spreading but a mask cannot guarantee protection. This sounds a little confusing.

What we are saying is the mask is not a protective tool but if we all wear then it will certainly protect us because it will stop us from harming others and thereby protect one and all including myself

The logic seems a little convoluted but it works if you are able to see the connection.

So even If you wear a mask and others don’t comply, you may still not be protected.

However, if you believe that you are infected and that you need to protect others and hence have to wear the mask only then the mask becomes a protection tool for all.

So what is important is for us to believe that we are infected and hence should not cause harm to others.

We are all in a sense potential killers then and can inadvertently kill our near and dear ones.

If we all wear a mask then even the asymptomatic spreader of virus gets contained within his mask and thereby he or she protects the society.

Again 100% compliance is needed and only counterintuitive thinking can enforce compliance without applying organizational or governmental force.

So let’s get some things clear as crystal.

So you don’t become some sort of a Rambo by not wearing the mask. Clearly this is no longer an opportunity to display your bravado such as “it makes no difference to me” or “I am not scared” etc.

However it is important to note that by not wearing the mask it will certainly signify your mentality and intent of causing harm to the society.

Your mask becomes your intention.

And compliance will be enforced by the societal pressure and not governmental or organizational pressure

The power of counterintuitive thinking and a small shift can play the role of the much needed catalyst to slow the spread of this scourge.

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